Heart Meditation

Workshop in London

Workshops in London are conducted by Mehrdad Noorani who has explored different spiritual & esoteric paths; as a result, he has studied Gnosticism for the past 15 years under the guidance of a renowned Gnostic Spiritual Master with 40 years experience. Having organised several cross cultural events, covering different spiritual paths as well as bringing together open minded scientists and spiritual masters as a part of the Inter Cultural Centre (ICC), he is especially interested in bridging science and spirituality and creating a link between the East and the West.

“Into my heart's night, along a narrow way I was searching;
and lo! the light, an infinite land of day.”  - Rumi.
           “Pull the thorn of existence out of the heart! Fast! For when you do,
        you will see thousands of rose gardens in yourself” - Rumi

Those who are interested in the workshop can get in touch with us through the Contact Page

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